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Mercy Kibe

Location: Kenya

Subjects: Sociology

Collaboration interests: Collaboration with other researchers in the area of social transformation

Open to collaboration.

Vita Mithi

Position: Scholar - Research at Knowledge Action Change | Mzuzu Malawi

Subjects: Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Medicine, Psychology

Collaboration interests: Would love to collaborate in Global Health issues, towards reducing harm reduction. And general health care Research as well as academics to raise ... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Umar Faruk Apord Karim

Position: none - Nutritional sciences at University for Development Studies | Kumasi Ghana

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Culture/Gender Studies, Healthcare, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: To learn more about research and research writing, publishing, communication, proposal development, statistics

Open to collaboration.

Elias Kebede

Position: Irrigation engineer - Irrigation and Drainage at Ethiopia institute of Agricultural Research | Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Subjects: Agriculture, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: Researchers, Academician

Open to collaboration.


Location: Canada

Subjects: Classics

Collaboration interests: business

Open to collaboration.

Manar Abdel-raouf

Position: Professor of polymer science at the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute - petroleum application at Egyptian petroleum research institute | Cairo Egypt

Collaboration interests: 1- Remote supervision for research proposals. 2- Organizing short webinars on selected topics.


Location: Nigeria

Subjects: Engineering

Collaboration interests: collaboration interest on quality control, quality assurance, cost reduction and solar design

Open to collaboration.

Andargie Baye

Location: Ethiopia

Subjects: Healthcare

Collaboration interests: i am andargie baye from Ethiopia and i have a great appetite for knowledge and research

Open to collaboration.

Musa Abdallah Eisaa

Position: Veterinarian and Lecturer at Alsalam University - Sudan - Department of Clinical Studies at Alsalam University - Sudan | Alfulah Turkey

Subjects: Healthcare, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: Surgery Obstetrics and gynaecology Reproductive Health

Open to collaboration.
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