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Mohammad Tipu Sultan

Location: China

Subjects: Business, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: Yes

Open to collaboration.

Md Ekram Hossain

Position: Lecturer - Business School at Hohai University | Nanjing China

Subjects: Business, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: SDG-Sustainable Development Issues International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management Technology, Inn... Read more

Open to collaboration.


Location: China

Subjects: Chemistry, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: My core area of interest is combined impact of nano/microplastics & emerging organic pollutants on the aquatic system (fresh waters). I will like ... Read more

Open to collaboration. Not currently looking for a mentor.
Support Level:
Long-term mentoring and support

Chenliang Wang

Location: China

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Geography

Collaboration interests: Spatial science, Artificial intelligence methods in Machine learning (e.g., deep learning), Data Mining, and Knowledge Extraction from Spatial Big ... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Rahib Hussain

Location: China

Subjects: Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, Healthcare, History, Journalism and Communication, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: Environmental Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Earth Sciences, Health problems

Balal Yousaf

Position: Associate Researcher - Environmental Science and Engineering at University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei | Hefei China

Subjects: Agriculture, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: My research interests include “Biomass-derived Environmental Materials.” I am particularly interested in how “modifications in pyrolyzed feed mater... Read more

Smith Evivie

Location: China

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Education, Environmental Studies, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: Same as research interest areas listed above

Open to collaboration.

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