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Location: United States of America


Location: Nigeria

Subjects: Agriculture

Collaboration interests: People believe that for anyone to accomplish their objectives, they should plan secretively and if you join magic money, you need to be a secretive... Read more

Bashir ahmed yoonis

Location: Somalia

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences

Collaboration interests: health research and epidemiology research

Open to collaboration.

Abhilasha Chaudhary

Location: Nepal

Subjects: Healthcare

Collaboration interests: I want to collaborate with nursing, public health, and health care researchers.

Open to collaboration.

Faisal Ahmed

Location: Yemen

Subjects: Medicine

Collaboration interests: I am a consultant urologist in althora hospital,ibb,Yemen I am interest in searching in field of Urology

Open to collaboration.


Position: Student - School of Agriculture (ISA) at University of Lisbon | Lisbon Portugal

Subjects: Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: Yes, I would like to participate in collaboration for research work globe. If you would like to develop a novel research idea with me, I am always ... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Rev. Ugo Ejiogu Peterson

Location: Liberia

Subjects: Religion

Collaboration interests: Church History, Transformational Education, 21st Century Education in Africa, West African History and Civilizations, Ambitious learning, Early Afr... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Mesfin Wogayehu

Location: Ethiopia

Collaboration interests: Food Science and Nutrition issues

Open to collaboration.

Sanchari Sircar

Location: India

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: I am interested in collaborating with experimentalists, to develop bioinformatics pipeline, bioinformatics analysis, construction of co-expression ... Read more

Open to collaboration.
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