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Ganesh Chandra Sahoo

Position: Scientist - BioMedical Informatics Center at RMRIMS | Patna India

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Life Sciences

Dr Aftab Aalam Syed

Position: Assistant Professor - Islamic Social & Law Studies at University of Sargodha | Islamabad Pakistan

Subjects: Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Law, Religion, Sociology

Collaboration interests: I am focusing on social reforms especially regarding western and eastern vices including moral, personal and social abuses in the light of society ... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Dr. Kamal Ahmed Soomro

Location: Pakistan

Subjects: Education

Collaboration interests: Educational Technology, Distance Education, Online Learning, Digital divide in educational settings

Open to collaboration.

Prabin Shrestha

Location: Nepal

Subjects: Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Computer Sciences, Culture/Gender Studies, Dentistry, Education, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Psychology, Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Public Health

Open to collaboration.

Jeffrey S. Brown

Position: Instructor of English Language Arts; Adjunct Instructor of Education - Curriculum & Instruction at Bledsoe County Schools / Tennessee Tech University | Pikeville, Tennessee United States of America

Subjects: Eastern, Asiatic, African, American and Australasian Languages, Literature and related subjects, Education, European Languages, Literature and related subjects, Linguistics, Classics and related subject, Mass Communications and Documentation

Royce Kimmons

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Education

Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Long-term mentoring and support, Short-term mentoring and support

Christian John Hunter

Location: Namibia

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medicine

Collaboration interests: Interested in either full-time post-graduate students or remotely supporting through analytical collaboration, data analysis, figure and table cons... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Rahib Hussain

Location: China

Subjects: Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, Healthcare, History, Journalism and Communication, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: Environmental Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Earth Sciences, Health problems

Open to collaboration.

Jose Antonio Bazurto Roldan

Location: Ecuador

Subjects: Business, Computer Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: Uno de los propósitos de la Educación Superior es triangular la interacción docencia-investigación-vinculación; esto permitiría compartir informaci... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Diego Apolo

Location: Ecuador

Subjects: Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Journalism and Communication, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Ponente invitado en congresos de reconocido prestigio internacional, ha publicado libros y artículos en revistas indexadas, además de realizar inve... Read more

Open to collaboration.
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