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hawi rapudo

Executive Director at Kijiji Yeetu | Nairobi , Kenya

Agriculture, Anthropology, Business, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Journalism and Communication, Philosophy, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology
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Looking for a mentor and open to collaboration.
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Short-term mentoring and support
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Policy briefs


Creative Arts and Design, Education, Anthropology, Politics and Political Science, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, Philosophy, Agriculture, Business, Journalism and Communication, Public Administration, Social Work
Research Keywords:
Security, Safety, Social work, Community Development, Gender, Social enterprise, Youth
Collaboration interests:
Partnership, Research, Data Science and Analysis, Technical and Report Writing
Rapudo Hawi has worked in various capacities with non-profits and community organizations like KijijiYeetu and County Governance Watch among others in the areas of Social Development, Governance, Human Security; Programme Management, community development, and Research. As part of his work at the Executive Director, at Kijiji Yeetu, the smart village ecosystem registered to activate village resources, knowledge, and aspirations towards development and devolved governance in Kenya and beyond Africa. As part of his work as promoted innovatively and transformation solutions for counties and communities in Kenya. He has worked on policy reforms focusing on critical areas such as education, science, and technology, e-governance; driving several national-level initiatives such as the International Conference on Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), Usalama Forum, Chemchemi Ya Ukweli, Saferworld, PeaceNet, UN-Habitat, UNV, and UNDP among others. Have been involved in key researches such as political economy of water governance in Kenya (2018), Election, Police and Citizens (October 2014); Violence Prevention and Possibilities for Health Professionals (April 2014); Violent Extremism and Radicalization in Kenya (Jan 2016); Citizen Participation in County Governments (Nov 2015); Participation of Women, Youth and their families in Development Funds (June 2004). The militarization of Youth (June 2013); Communities and their Police Stations (April 2011); Peace and Conflict Resolution (January 2009). Hawi holds MA Governance, Peace and Security (Ongoing), BA Leadership and Management, Dip. Experience in Data Analysis, Mining, and Visualization, Report, and Technical Writing.

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