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Mirko Garasic: photo

Mirko Garasic

Visiting Professor at IMT Lucca | Lucca , Italy

Available for mentoring.
Response Time:
Usually within 48 hours
Support Offered:
Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Presentation planning, Proposal development, Responding to peer review


Research Keywords:
Bioethics, Political Philosophy, Medical Ethics, Human Enhancement, Autonomy, Biopolitics
Dr. Garasic is Visiting Professor at IMT Lucca, after two years at Tel Aviv University as a Postdoctoral Fellow and another year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a Golda Meir Postdoc.He received his Ph.D. in Political Theory in June 2011 from the Center for Ethics and Global Politics, LUISS University in Rome. He is currently working on a number of projects focused on Human Enhancement, Biopolitics, Circumcision, Enforced Medical Treatment, Hunger Strikes and Rape by Deception. During his Ph.D., he published and worked in five continents: in 2009 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, while in 2010, at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, where he also collaborated with the Center for the Study of Ethics and Rights. Still in 2010, he was a Yale University and Hastings Center Scholar thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. He participated to numerous international conferences and he has been awarded with various awards. He is a member of the Italian Society of Analytic Philosophy and the International Research Network on Religion and Democracy. Among other journals, his works appeared in the Hastings Center Report, the Journal of Medical Ethics, Monash Bioethics Review and Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.

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