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Farooq Rathore: photo

Farooq Rathore

Consultant and Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine - Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi | Karachi , Pakistan

Spoken languages:
English, Punjabi, Urdu
Available for mentoring and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Short-term mentoring and support
Response Time:
Usually within a month
Support Offered:
Writing, Proofreading, Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Language polishing/light editing, Presentation planning, Publication ethics, Responding to peer review, Language editing or proofreading support


Research Keywords:
Medical sciences; Rehabilitation Medicine; Disability; Physiatry; Spinal cord injury; pain management; stroke; cerebral palsy
Collaboration interests:
Interested to work ONLY with enthusiastic and dedicated experienced researchers for collaboration specially in conducting collaborative research and writing in medical sciences ( specifically disability management and rehabilitation )
• At present I am running the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at PNS Shifa Naval Hospital, Karachi as a consultant. I give consultations in outdoor (weekly average 100-150 patients) , perform EMG/NCS, do injection procedures and attend indoor calls. Majority of the OPD patients present with musculoskeletal problems like back pain, various forms of arthritis and Fibromylagia. Most paediatric patients have Cerebral palsy, while few have other problems like congenital club foot and Neural tube defects. Most of the indoor patients are from orthopaedic and plastic surgery. • I am on the faculty of the CMH Lahore medical college as assistant professor in Rehabilitation Medicine. I deliver lectures and conduct bedside teaching and small group discussion with the under-graduate students (3rd Yr- Final Yr). Main focus is on musculoskeletal medicine, rheumatology, peripheral neurology, childhood and adult disabilities. • Throughout my registrar ship at Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Rawalpindi, I remained actively involved in the training and teaching of the Post graduate residents of PM & R, Nursing Officers, Assistants, and Physiotherapists for Class I & II training under Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi. • After acquiring my Rehabilitation Medicine diploma (Jan 2007), I remained Officer In charge of Spinal Injuries Ward and I had regular lectures and clinical/teaching sessions of residents PM & R in my ward. I had experience of teaching/delivering Hands on training to general duty doctors and nursing staff in spinal injury rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake of Oct 2005 in Pakistan in which AFIRM had to supervise rehabilitation of more than 400 cases of acute spinal cord injury. • I worked as the Secretary of the Weekly Journal club, AFIRM (March 2007-July 2010). My job was to arrange the articles, coordinate the club meeting and assigning responsibilities to the trainees for presentation. • I was appointed as Officer in charge / Coordinator of the training and residency affairs in Jun 2009. I was responsible for coordinating the post graduate training of doctors undergoing training for fellowship, students of Bachelors in Physiotherapy and trainees in sports medicine course. I made the monthly training program, coordinated the elective rotations, liasoned with the supervisors and helped the residents in solving issues pertaining to their residency. I also prepared the question papers and arranged the six monthly examinations for the post graduate residents. I have also performed the duties of examiner for Rehab residents and physiotherapy assistants during their annual examinations. I performed this duty till Aug 2010 when I was posted out to a new station. • I am the only Pakistani member of Rehabilitation Disaster Relief Committee (RDRC) of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. I am the lead author of a landmark discussion paper, on “”Role of Medical Rehabilitation after Natural Disasters” and co-author on a number of ongoing manuscripts (review and special communications) on Disaster Rehab.
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