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Rashed Al-Sa`ed

Associate Prof. of Sanitary & Environmental Engineering - Institute of Environmental and Water Studies at Birzeit University | Birzeit, West Bank , Palestine, State of

Education, Engineering, Technologies


Education, Engineering, Technologies
Research Keywords:
Sanitation, environmental engineering, water and wastewater, BNR, MBR, MBBR, pollution, treatment, membrane processes, desalniation, solid waste, ladfill, reuse, recycling, cleaner production, EIA, environmental microbiology
Dr. Rashed Al-Sa´ed is an Associate Prof. involved in education, R&D and training in the field of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies of Birzeit University (BZU), Palestine. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in environmental microbiology from The University of Jordan and a Dr.-Eng. in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering from the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany. Prior to entering academia, he worked in Germany for 12 years as researcher and consulting engineer in 2 international engineering firms, Engineering Office Dr. Sonnenburg GmbH, Hungen, Giessen and Acerplan GmbH/Hyder Consulting Firm, Halle/Saale. In Palestine he acted as a Technical Advisor for the Head of the Palestinian Water Authority and as a member of the Joint Water Committee-Technical Group, where he occupied at present the same position providing strategic advice on wastewater sphere. At BZU, his present research fields concentrate on planning and design of water and wastewater treatment systems, membrane-based treatment systems, BNR and removal, biosolids and reclaimed effluent reuse, pollution prevention, environmental assessment and bioremediation, and environmental education and training. Beside teaching, Dr. Al-Sa`ed managed locally several developmental projects in treatment of water, wastewater and solid waste, conducted and reviewed many EIA studies, and provided technical advice to local municipal councils. During the last 10 years he published many articles in specialized national and international journals, conferences, and specialized handbooks, locally co-supervised PhD students and graduated more than 50 M.Sc. students in water science technology, sanitary engineering and urban planning and design. Dr. Al-Sa´ed, an accredited Environmental Arbitrator, acts as an advisor for several Palestinian water and environmental institutions and local NGOs and has active memberships in many national and international agencies and networks.

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