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Shukadev Amgain


Computer Sciences, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Library/Museum Studies, Sociology
Spoken languages:
English, Nepalese
Looking for a mentor and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Short-term mentoring and support
Support Needed:
Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Language polishing/light editing, Proposal development, Career mentoring


Education, Computer Sciences, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, Library/Museum Studies
Research Keywords:
Digital Culture, Digital Humanities, Innovation, Socio-Technical, Natural Language Processing, Archiving, Digitalization, Digitization, Digital Competence, Digital Literacy, Social media, eGovernance, eLearning, Virtual identity, virtual community, Cyber ethnography, digital leadership, online romance, online dating, minorities issues in social media, video gaming
Collaboration interests:
I would like to collaborate in research activities, share innovative ideas and develop interventions, discuss recent research and development in the area of interest.

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