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tabinda hasan

Ass professor - basic medical sciences at princess nora university, riyadh, KSA | riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Education, Healthcare, Medicine
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Available for mentoring and open to collaboration.
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Long-term mentoring and support, Short-term mentoring and support
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Writing, Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Presentation planning, Proposal development, Publication ethics, Responding to peer review, Language editing or proofreading support, Literature reviews, Theses and dissertation writing, Career mentoring


Education, Basic Medical Sciences, Anthropology, Medicine, Healthcare
Research Keywords:
medical education, human anatomy, health sciences
Collaboration interests:
medical education, epidemiology, anatomy
Dr Tabinda Hasan obtained her MBBS and MD and PhD in human anatomy from JNMC medical college of India. Her research was on morphology of internal acoustic meatus in human fetus during different phases of intrauterine development. Currently, she is working in Saudi Arabia as part of teaching staff in Princess Nora University university,faculty of medicine. Her recent project as principal investigator is on the metastasis phenomenon of breast cancer in Saudi females which is funded by ministry of higher education. She is the founder of anatomy and medical education workgroup on research gate scientific network. Apart from holding memberships of various professional organizations and being part of editorial teams in WHO indexed journals , she has authored several papers in peer reviewed indexed journals including journal of human anatomy, education in medicine journal, int. journal of health sciences, journal of medical ethics and history of medicine,journal of biological anthropology, int journal of anatomic variations, rawal medical journal, journal of medical hypothesis and ideas ,journal of basic and applied scientific research etc. She has given oral presentations in several scientific conferences of India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu dabi, Germany,Bulgaria, Malaysia and USA. She is secretary of medical research ethics committee and member of scientific conference organizing committee of jazan, Saudi Arabia. Her areas of specialization include morphometric studies and plastination techniques in cadavers.
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