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Data Scientist - Data Science at Manobi | Tamale , Ghana

Mathematics and Statistics
Spoken languages:
Looking for a mentor and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Long-term mentoring and support
Support Needed:
Writing, Proofreading, Presentation planning, Proposal development, Language editing or proofreading support, Study design, Theses and dissertation writing, Career mentoring, Data analysis


Mathematics and Statistics
Research Keywords:
Financial Mathematics, Data Science, Machine Learning
Collaboration interests:
I am interested to collaborate with researchers working in financial mathematics specifically financial derivative pricing. I am also open to research in applications of machine learning in finance.
Ms.Kaubala holds an MSc. in Mathematical Science from the African Institute for Mathematical Science and a Bsc. Financial Mathematics from the University for Development Studies, Ghana. Her areas of specialization include Big Data and Financial Mathematics. As part of her master degree, she undertook a mandatory internship with MANOBI, a digital orchestration company in Senegal where she worked on developing risk scoring algorithms and control algorithms for farmers in the smallholder setting. Through her educational and professional experience, Ms. Kanubala gained good proficiency in Data Analyses using Python, and R and well as other soft skills such as public oratory. Ms. Kanubala is a MasterCard Foundation Alumnus and she has participated in several international conferences including The Next Einstein Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, the 6th Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Heidelberg, Germany and the upcoming International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Valencia, Spain. As a young researcher who grew up in the northern part of Ghana, Deborah has an uttermost desire in promoting STEM education especially in Ghana and Africa. To this end, she recently won a research grant of $5,000 from the MasterCard Foundation to conduct a research on increasing women in STEM transition into tertiary education. This research is slated to be conducted in Ghana and Uganda. Ms. Kanubala is also a co-founder of the nonprofit organization-Women Promoting Science to the Younger Generation (WPSYG) which is made up of some alumni of AIMS-Senegal dedicated fostering the interest of high school student in Mathematics in Senegal. Ms. Kanubala’s career goal is to become transformational Data Scientist in Africa and beyond. She believes the key to development of the African continent lies in the insights that can gained from the enormous data generated on the continent. To achieve this, she currently actively seeking PhD opportunities where she aspires to blend her skills in machine learning and finance to leverage new opportunities in the financial space in Africa

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