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Dr Kaushal Sharma

Associate Professor - Special Needs Education at Addis Ababa University,Ethiopia | Addis Ababa,Ethiopia , India

Available for mentoring.
Support Offered:
Article planning, Book planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Language polishing/light editing, Presentation planning, Proposal development, Responding to peer review


Research Keywords:
Special Education, Special Needs Education, Education, Teacher Training
I am Associate Professor in the Department of Special needs Education in the Addis Ababa University. I have completed my Master’s Degree in Special Education and Ph.D. (Special Needs Education) from M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, India, with the specialization in Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Hearing Impairment. I have been worked in the field for last 20 years and involved actively in various NGOs dealing with disability and rehabilitation issues. At the moment I am advising and supervising Master’s and Graduate level students as well as Research Scholars in Teacher Training in Special Needs Education. I have been associated as a State Coordinator for UEE mission, New Delhi and Associate/Assistant Professor in Special Needs Education in different Universities in India and Registered as Special Educational Professional from Rehabilitation Council of India. I worked in different Teacher Training Departments and closely associated with the persons with disabilities and their teachers in different teaching methodologies. I am also a Resource person of various universities, colleges. Additionally participated and presented various papers in national and international seminars and conferences, and participated in many research projects in disability field. I am author and co-author of more than 12 books dealing with various areas of Special and General Education. My some of the publications are- • Book titled 'Education Beyond the Classrooms' published by S.R. Publishing House. New Delhi India. Book titled “Rethinking Special Needs Education” published by S.R. Publishing House, New Delhi, India [ISBN- 978-81-921770-04-5]. • Book Titled ‘Information Technology and Distance Education: Shifting Paradigm’ published by Sarup Book publishers, New Delhi [ISBN 978-81-7625-691-9]. • Book titled “Re-thinking Teacher Training- A conceptual Approach” ‘Interacting Factors for Social Development (Vol. 3)’ published by Sarup Book publishers, New Delhi [ISBN 978-81-7625-611-7]. • Book titled ‘Interacting Factors for Social Development Vol-II’ published by Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, India. • Book titled ‘Interacting Factors for Social Development Vol-1’ published by Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, India. [ISBN 978-7625-840-1] • Book titled ‘Emerging Trends in Inclusive Education’ published by IVY Publishing House, New Delhi, [ISBN 81-7890-168-4]. • Book titled ‘Advanced Techniques in Social Science Research’ with B.C. Mahapatra, in press. • Book titled ‘Aural Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children’ published by Sarup & Sons, New Delhi. [ISBN-81-7625-652-8] • Book titled “Training for Sustainable Development” jointly with Dr. B.C. Mahapatra published by Sarup & Sons, New Delhi. [ISBN-81-7625-597-1] • A Chapter in a Book titled “An Orientation Guide for promotion of Vocational Education among Persons with Disabilities” with Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Goel [PSSCIVE, Bhopal; NCERT publication] [Chapter-5th, pp- 51- 61] • Chapter in a book titled “Education in Cybernetic Age” by B.C. Mahapatra. [Chapter-11, pp- 119-129]

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