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Biliamin Adekunle ADEYEYE: photo

Biliamin Adekunle ADEYEYE

Researcher/Reviewer | Lagos South-Western , Nigeria

Spoken languages:
Open to collaboration.


Research Keywords:
Education Leadership, Pedagogy and Practice, Rural Education, Gender Studies, Higher Education, Open Distance Learning
Collaboration interests:
Research collaborations in the area of educational administration and leadership, Higher education, gender issues, open distance learning and open resource education.
A student of knowledge, researcher, reviewer and seasoned educationist. My research interest revolves around digital learning and openness in education. I am currently investigating issues of access to higher education in remote areas, with the aid of open distance learning (ODL) exploiting open educational resources (OER) using technological tools and methodologies for the purpose of satisfying educational needs. I believe in systematic change which begins with the individual and community, I believe in the common good for the public purpose and selfless commitment to certain ideals which brings about glory, not for an individual or group but humanity.

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