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Dr Charles Colin Thomas Hindmarch

Scientific Operations Director, Translational Institute of Medicine - Department of Medicine at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada Canada

Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Life Sciences
Spoken languages:
Available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Short-term mentoring and support
Support Offered:
Writing, Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Language polishing/light editing, Responding to peer review, Study design, Literature reviews, News articles, Career mentoring, Data analysis, Data management and sharing


Life Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology
Research Keywords:
Hypertension, neuroscience, pulmonary arterial hypertension, rat, mouse, camel, animal model, osmotic control, hypothalamus, brain, brainstem, sympathetic nervous system, mitochondria, obesity, vasopressin, oxytocin, hypothalamoneurohypopyseal system (HNS), Transcriptomics, microarray, RNAsequencing, next generation sequencing, genomics, methylomics, miRNA, heart, right ventricle, molecular biology

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