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Baraka Alexander Ngwala: photo

Baraka Alexander Ngwala

Executive Director - Head at Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania | Dar es Salaam , Tanzania

Architecture, Building and Planning, Culture/Gender Studies, Economics, Education, Engineering, Journalism and Communication, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Statistics, Politics and Political Science, Sociology
Spoken languages:
English, Swahili
Open to collaboration.


Architecture, Building and Planning, Education, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Economics, Politics and Political Science, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Journalism and Communication
Research Keywords:
Research Proposals, Report Writing, Grants Proposals, Research Data, Baseline Survey, Program Management, Development Partnerships, Memorandum of Understanding, Philanthropy, Logical Framework Approach, Theory of Change, Sustainable Development, Social Innovation, Climate Change, Monitoring & Evaluation, Performance Indicators
Collaboration interests:
Co-applicants for funding bids, Co-authors for Projects, Data Analysis, Grant Proposals, Research Design for capacity building, Sustainability and Climate Change, Gender Mainstreaming, Youths Empowerment, Resilient Infrastructure
Passionate project professionals with 5 years experience in operations management , research for development within sub-Sahara African countries, driven by young researchers innovation models which responds to arising current issues including Contracts management, Consultancy, Public Private Partnership, Capacity Building, Funding, climate change, youth empowerment, SDGs, social innovation, training of trainers, transforming political agenda for safety and peace, natural resources etc. Research is an integral part in planning and executing development programmes, and the evidence obtained through data can inform policy makers, civil servants, donor communities and private institutions to validate theories and formulate powerful action plans that better suits local contextual needs while prioritize effective dialogue in partnership with media and other stakeholders, research is part of my life and continuous learning is vital to visualize the change required in my community and the rest of the world.

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