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Julián Vaquerizo Madrid

Médico Director de Unidad - Unidad de Neurología Clínica Evolutiva at Hospital Parque Vegas Altas | Don Benito , Spain

Anthropology, Archaeology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Healthcare, History, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology
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Italian, Portuguese
Available for mentoring and open to collaboration.
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Long-term mentoring and support
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Usually within 48 hours
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Writing, Article planning, Book planning, Presentation planning, Proposal development, Responding to peer review, Language editing or proofreading support, Career mentoring


Creative Arts and Design, Education, Life Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Anthropology, Archaeology, Psychology, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Medicine, Healthcare
Research Keywords:
Medicina, neurología evolutiva, neurología, Neuropediatria, Neurociencias, lenguaje, NEUROEDUCACIÓN, infancia, desarrollo PSICOMOTOR, Darwin, evolución, paleontología, Arqueología, PENSAMIENTO, cerebro, antropología, pediatría,
Collaboration interests:
Compartir investigación y promover las inquietudes de los que inician camino me motiva a trabajar la didáctica en medicina. Y desde hace años desarrollar el Humanismo Científico en las Neurociencias y la NEUROEDUCACIÓN
Dr JULIÁN VAQUERIZO-MADRID Medicine Doctor CV - PERSONAL INFORMATION PHONE NO:: +34 662 561 942 Main Mail: drvaquerizoEnlinea@gmail.com Second Mail: drvaquerizovideoblog@gmail.com Neuropediatric Acreditation, NeuroScience Specialist and Pediatric Neurology Neuro-Developmental Pediatrics, Fellow in Epilepsy at Kiffin Penry Fellowship™®, North Carolina, USA Language Medical Advisor to the Secretary of State for Education, Since the second term of President Barack Obama to date Total Years of Experience: From 1990 (1990-1993 for my FELLOWSHIP) to the present day. RECOGNITIONS AND PRIZES 1. Responsible for the Specialized Unit of Metabolic Diseases of the Public Health System from 1994 to 2004. For this program received the Prize and Recognition of the Royal Patronage for Prevention and Assistance to Persons with Disabilities, delivered only one year after its implementation March 6, 1995. 1. PUBLIC HEALTHCARE= Director of the Neuropediatrics Unit of the General and Child UNIVERSITY Hospital of the city of Badajoz, Spain. From 1995 to the current date. 2. Private Healthcare: Clinical Director and Manager of "Clínica de Neuropediatria Vaquerizo-Madrid S.C." since 1994. In 2004 the current building of my private Hospital Center was inaugurated By Dr J. Ferreira, PhD, MD, (Neurologist and Professor of Medicine at USF University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; USA). With Professor Ferreira and at the University of Florida in Miami, the team led by Dr. Oscar Papazian, signed a bilateral collaboration agreement, both face-to-face and online. This program was carried out from 2002 to 2014 approximately. To date, the clinical and research projects are active with the Center for Neurology conducted by Professor Ferreira in Tampa, Florida; US Current Salary in USD per month: 3. Teaching activity, lectures and books published: The last book is in the press and soon my editor, "Red Circle" Editions ™ your distributor, Amazon ™ organizes the presentation of the text in Madrid and later at the Frankfurt International Book Fair. Title of Essay: «Archeology of Thought» Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Extremadura UEX from 1993 to date. Invited Professor of the Master of Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Development at the University of Valencia, October 2004 3.1: Books Published: 3.1.1.- Why is my child hyperactive? A Positive School for Parents, 1st Edition Year 2006. 2nd Edition revised and expanded already for sale eBook format. 3.1.2.- 'The epileptic child', Published in 2004, 1st Edition out of print. Second edition under review by the author. 3.1.3. 'Tips for the family in Behavioral Disorders', 200 pages, 2012 digital edition in eBook format: Best Seller that already exceeds the 5 million copies sold. Now ready for the second edition. 3-1-3 Others bokks and colaborations as chapter author 3-1-4 Hundred of papers published as investigation articles in Spanish and English 4. Health Education Activity and collaboration with non-governmental non-profit organizations in developing countries.The last 10 years I was working with doctors and teachers building a best choice for people in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Education Qualification: RECOGNITION to the best period as Student Country of Board Passed Examination: Spain Notice Period: to 1994 Nationality: Spanish Date of Birth: May, the 19, 1965 Academic degree: 1.Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1883-1989) 2. Physician Specialist in Pediatrics And its Specific Areas (1990-1993) 3.Specialist in Neurology of Childhood, Adolescence and adulthood. Fellowship by the Department of Neurology The Hospital San Juan de Dios, Barcelona 4. Central University of Barcelona (First Stage: Year 1993 full). Others: 1. Member and Founder of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Neurology. 2. He was appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Society of Neurology, responsibility that lasted for 3 years (2008-2010). 3. He is a member of the Academy American Association of Pediatric Neurology 4. Honorary Member of the American Epilepsy Association (The last two memberships are a responsibility Dr Julián Vaquerizo-Madrid is working hard from the beginning of his professional activity to the present day) 5. Receives European Accreditation in Neuropediatrics, recognized by the European Union and the United States of America. By the Spanish Society of Pediatric Neurology and the Spanish Society of Neurology The Adult Stage 6. It is the only european professional of Neurology in being distinguished with the Recognition of Wake-Forest University for his trajectory in the areas of Clinical Research, academic and care activity. 7. That's why he was invited during 2007-8 to attend the City of Wiston-Salem, NC, for completed the one. Considered as the best training program of the world in epilepsy. The director of the program, Martin Penry, gave him the invitation and the Qualifications, which he expressed as 'remarkable' for his contribution to the best Understanding of autism and epilepsy. 8. Fellowship in Epilepsy at Wake Forest University. Honor to have a continuous work as Alumni of the USA Kiffin Penry Epilepsy PROGRAM, North Carolina, US III.2. Faculties, Schools or Centers in which they studied: 1. Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB (1983-1989). Practical Activity: Lecturer at Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona 2. Harvard Medical School: Programs around use pharmacology for behaviour disorders and neurologic diseases 3. Wake-Forest University 4. University of South Florida Date of Birth: May, the 19, 1965 Current Location: Don Benito, 06800 Badajoz, Spain
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