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Temesgen Lerebo Dobbo

Ph.D. Scholar - International and Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University | Beijing , Ethiopia

Culture/Gender Studies
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Culture/Gender Studies
Research Keywords:
The artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector in sub-Saharan Africa is a sector usually associated with conflict minerals, fatal diseases, smuggling, criminal activity and civil war. Throughout Africa the ASM sector is unfortunately viewed in a negative and distorted manner with little appreciation or understanding for the realities and hardship of miners, their families and communities. However, the sector is burdened and plagued with issues ranging from child labour, gender inequality, the spread of HIV/AIDS, environmental devastation, poor health and safety, migrant workers, lack of capital and fair markets, and conflict with the private large-scale mining sector. The paper discusses the many over-lapping and complex drivers, challenges, constraints and issues that characterize the sector and considers the potential solutions through the adoption of appropriate best practice, hopefully leading to sustainable livelihoods in the ASM sector and overall poverty alleviation. Key issues, such as institutional capacity, governance, assistance schemes, legislation, miners’ organizations, gender mainstreaming, child labour, health and safety, environmental protection, mineral trading and marketing, adding value, finance and credit, and the co-existence with the large-scale mining sector are all detailed. The paper also highlights ideas of what individual countries can do to help formalize and provide assistance to this vulnerable sector. Some of what is discussed concurs with the findings of the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) Project, the multi-donor Communities & Small-Scale Mining (CASM) initiative, the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) — Yaoundé Seminar on ASM in Africa, and most recently the African Mining Partnership (AMP). The bulk of this paper, however, has come from the experience gained by the author while managing and working on numerous projects commissioned by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the World Bank, United Nations, various African Governments, private mining companies and NGOs in over 20 African countries.
Collaboration interests:
At this moment I am doing research proposal for Ph.D.Dissertation in Beijing Normal University on Youth adaptive Education and skills for ... I wonder if it might be a mutually beneficial chance for your Orgn. to collaborate on this project.
I have BA Degree in Foreign Language and Literature from Hawass University and MA in Management of Vocational Education from Addis Ababa University, and now I am Ph.D. scholars at Beijing Normal University. And also I have over seven (7) years of practical experience in the development field, with specialist knowledge in designing development policies and program, organization and development, program/project management, preparation of sub-national strategic plans by extracting major social development bottlenecks and prioritizing them, making evidence based planning and preparation of annual organization plans linked to public management, gender mainstreaming, peace-building & conflict transformation, civil service reform. In addition, he has immense political experience of multilateral and bilateral skill. Currently, I am working at Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas as a Youth Affairs Expert and Ph.D. student at Beijing Normal University. And also I volunteer with African Youths Initiative on Climate Change and UNESCO Youth Forum Natural Science committee where we run projects by young people who are in line with environmental conservation and Climate change mitigation and Adaptation. I am currently a member of the Africa Youth Commission, World Youth Alliance, African Youth Movement, Global Youth Program and Association of Women’s Rights in Development. I am presently taking a course in human rights with YALI. I am the Founder of TLD Training and Research Foundation, an Ethiopian based charity organization with the sole aim to help less-privileged Young people. The Human Rights from one of the most prestigious, elitist and respected Human Rights summit is my chance to enrich my knowledge and professionally outgrowth thereby contribute to the development of the humanity and the strengthening of the values of human rights and fundamental freedoms, promoting peace in the world by contributing the development of democracy in my native country and a whole world. I am a human rights activist, public figure of my own and Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas community, and creator of my fortune. Ethiopia is my native country. My country is an independent and young state. It is developing but it has a lot of problems. By observing and analyzing these problems I am aware that everybody’s well-being depends on a solution of social and global problems. As a leader of the youth community and a Youth and Women Affairs Expert at Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas I have a lot of goals and plans. These goals are improvement of youth well-being, involvement of young people into social life, finding and promotion of young leaders. It’s very important for me. That’s why I strive to be part of International Human Rights Summit. I aim to join in researching and developing of projects together with the best world academics, journalists, activists, officials, and leaders in human rights protection in order to solve global problems of mankind as well as challenges of my community. From the very beginning of my public activity I’m engaging social projects aimed at protecting citizens and especially mining youth and children. The project is based on my research which allowed evaluating the degree of women rights violation in the Ethiopia province and applying a number of measures of their solution, and consequently increasing a level of social welfare. My projects have been highly appreciated by Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas.

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