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Dr Aftab Aalam Syed

Assistant Professor - Islamic Social & Law Studies at University of Sargodha | Islamabad , Pakistan

Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Law, Religion, Sociology
Spoken languages:
Open to collaboration.


Education, Law, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, Religion
Research Keywords:
Semitic Religion, Social Abuses, Theology, Survey Researches, Sociology,
Collaboration interests:
I am focusing on social reforms especially regarding western and eastern vices including moral, personal and social abuses in the light of society tests and divine knowledge. currently I am in search of Postdoc and research collaboration
Dr. S. AFTAB AALAM PRESENT POSITIONS: Assistant Professor Theological Studies (UoS) Founding Incharge, Department of Islamic & Pakistan Studies (UoS) Senior Reviewer of International Academic Form IAFOR (Japan-USA) Member Editorial Board PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences (India) Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Academic Research for Humanities (Pak) Director BWO ® Punjab (PAK) CEO Bismilah Printers Intl (Pak) Freelancer Instructional Designer/CMS Pedagogy/Content Writer/HTML Website Developer CONTACT: dr.a.aalam2015@gmail.com BRIEF SUMMARY: 10 years of experience as Instructional Designer/Research Writer/Content Developer/Article Spinning & Editing 7 years of Administrative and Managerial experience at Head of Institution 20 years of teaching experience in Government and Private Institutions 3 years teaching and research experience at university level 1 year experience of Research supervision at M. Phil level 3 years of Administrative and Managerial experience at Director level in Non- Profit Organizations 3 years Socio-Religious Research Surveys experience at Ph. D. level 2 years of experience as Master Trainer of Social Behavioral Issues AREA OF INTERESTS: Theological Studies, Comparative Studies among Semitic Religions, Behavioral Abuses, Social Vices and their Solution Laws, Islamic Economic System, Islamic Political System, Islamic Marriage Phenomenon, Ethical Axioms, Teachers Satisfaction and Productivity Justifications,

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