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Dietrich Rordorf

| Basel , Switzerland

Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Building and Planning, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Sciences, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Dentistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, Healthcare, History, Journalism and Communication, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Performing/Visual Arts, Philosophy, Physics, Politics and Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, Sociology, Space Sciences, Veterinary Sciences
Available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Short-term mentoring and support
Support Offered:
Proofreading, Article planning, Dealing with the publishing process, Language polishing/light editing, Publication ethics, Responding to peer review, Language editing or proofreading support, Social media


Architecture, Building and Planning, Creative Arts and Design, Education, Engineering, Law, Space Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Sciences, Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Politics and Political Science, Sociology, Culture/Gender Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Performing/Visual Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Agriculture, Business, Environmental Studies, Medicine, Journalism and Communication, Library/Museum Studies, Public Administration, Social Work, Veterinary Sciences, Dentistry, Healthcare, Classics
Research Keywords:
publishing, open access, editing, copy-editing
Dietrich is a seasoned publishing professional with ten years of experience in scholarly publishing. He has joined Molecular Diversity Preservation International association (MDPI) as the second employee in August 2005. He made significant contributions to build up professional operations and scale the publishing unit of the association. He later co-founded and served as Board Member, CEO and CTO of MDPI AG, the professional publishing branch spun out of MDPI. He also gained experience as Managing Editor for several journals, including the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Entropy, and Marine Drugs. More recently he initiated SciLit (a database of scholarly literature) and Sciforum Statistics (a database with industry-statistics of scholarly publishers and journals), both under the umbrella of MDPI AG. He has left MDPI after 10 years, when the company counted 300 heads publishing more than 12.000 scientific and scholarly articles per year. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business & Economics from the University of Basel.

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