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Valentina Ivanic, PhD

Managing Director - Research at Cultural Due Diligence Institute | Novi Sad , Serbia

Public Administration
Spoken languages:
Available for mentoring and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Long-term mentoring and support
Support Offered:
Career mentoring


Public Administration
Research Keywords:
entrepreneurship, organisational culture, national culture, competitiveness, transition economies, regional economy, acculturation, MEL
Collaboration interests:
Cross cultural studies
I am a traveller through invisible parts of various cultures around the world. I am the Founder of the Cultural Due Diligence Institute seated in Novi Sad. Being born and growing up in Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia, where you can hear six official languages, and where more than 25 ethnic groups live. The cross-cultural environment in which I was socialised serves as a “spiritus movens“ for the study of the cultural roots of behaviour of social and economic actors. I am dedicated to revealing the cultural roots of the SEE region and its inclusion in the new global division of labour. Managing the Cultural Distance Between Serbia and China : Doing business in Serbia from cultural due diligence perspective, https://www.amazon.com/Managing-Cultural-Distance-Between-Serbia-ebook/dp/B08Q4GXJX2 Valentina Ivanić, How to Bridge the Cultural Distance Between the European Union and South-East Europe, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade 2020, http://www.ies.rs/en/valentina-ivanic-how-to-bridge-the-cultural-distance-between-the-european-union-and-south-east-europe/

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