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Meta-analysis webinar series

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Meta-analysis webinar series

What is a Systematic Review?


Additional Information:

Systematic reviews are scientific approaches to efficient use of evidence in decision making. Systematic review articles aim to summarize all scholarly available studies and evidence on a particular subject matter in a way that is reproducible, explicit, and transparent.

What is a meta-analysis?

A Systematic review can be conducted with or without meta-analysis.

Meta-analysis is conducted with a systematic review, when homogeneous data and results from the included studies can be statistically combined and analyzed producing an overall statistic that quantifies how effective an experimental intervention is in comparison to a control intervention.

The results of a systematic review and meta-analysis provide the most robust evidence to inform public decision makers. Hence, they are considered the pillar of evidence-based practice.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for researchers who are interested in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Session descriptions

Session 1: Friday, August 25 [5:00pm-7:00pm WAT]


  • Introduction to Meta-analysis
  • Introduction to effect sizes and effect size pooling
  • Assessment of heterogeneity

Session 2: Wednesday, August 29 [5:00pm-7:00pm WAT]


  • Subgroup analysis
  • Meta-regression
  • Publication bias assessment

Session 3: Friday, September 1 [5:00pm-7:00pm WAT]


Practical demonstration of meta-analysis with R and Stata


All sessions will hold on Zoom. Zoom meeting link will be shared with registered participants before each session.


To register, click on the registration link here.

  • Moses Asori  
  • Innocent David
  • Leonard Uzairue


See the ACSRM website: https://acsrm.info/webinar-metaanalysis-webinar-series/

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