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Tips of the week 1-25 (Bangla)

By | July 19, 2017

AuthorAID Tips of the Week 1-25, Bangla translation. A set of 25 weekly tips on writing, publishing, and related topics.

Main Slides: 2013 Intensive Course in Research Writing

By | July 21, 2013
These are the main slides from a 3-week intensive course given at Texas A&M University in summer 2013. The course focused mainly on writing journal articles but also addressed other topics, such as preparing oral presentations, poster presentations, and grant proposals. For efficiency in downloading and reading, the slides are provided here as a PDF handout. Instructors wanting the PowerPoint versions of the slides to use in teaching can obtain copies by contacting Barbara Gastel at

Workshop: All About Writing Theses and Dissertations

By | April 30, 2012
Post-conference workshop on preparing theses and dissertations. Topics included reasons to do a thesis, constituting one's advisory committee, choosing a topic, preparing a thesis proposal, writing and revising a thesis, defending a thesis, and preparing publications based on a thesis. To keep the file small, photos have been deleted. The workshop was given 30 April 2012, after the IADSR International Conference 2012, "Fundamentals of Conducting & Reporting Research".

Preparing the Literature Review Section of a Dissertation

By | Oct. 8, 2011
PDF of PowerPoint presentation. Topics include reasons for doctoral students to review the literature, purposes of the literature review section of a dissertation, and advice for preparing the literature review section of a dissertation.

"Get Lit: The Literature Review"

By | Oct. 8, 2011
Video of presentation on preparing the literature review section of a thesis or dissertation. Speaker: Candace Schaefer, Associate Director, Texas A&M University Writing Center. Length: about 46 minutes.

"A Resourceful Week" (Chinese Translation)

By | Jan. 29, 2011
Chinese translation of AuthorAID blog post. Contains English text followed by Chinese translation of main content. Translated by Jiang CHEN, an editor at the Journal of China Medical University, China Medical University.


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