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Tips of the week 1-25 (Bangla)

By | July 19, 2017

AuthorAID Tips of the Week 1-25, Bangla translation. A set of 25 weekly tips on writing, publishing, and related topics.

Facilitation Kit: Writing a Journal Article Reporting Research

By | Oct. 3, 2016

This kit consists of nine modules, each containing a PowerPoint presentation and a set of facilitator notes. The notes expand on the content of the slides and provide guidance in facilitating the module, which combines presentation and small-group work.

The topics of the modules are

  • The Structure of Journal Articles
  • Titles and Authors
  • Writing an Abstract
  • Citing References
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Methods Section
  • Writing the Results Section
  • Preparing Tables and Figures
  • Writing the Discussion Section


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