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Tips of the week 1-25 (Bangla)

By | July 19, 2017

AuthorAID Tips of the Week 1-25, Bangla translation. A set of 25 weekly tips on writing, publishing, and related topics.

Facilitation Kit: Writing a Journal Article Reporting Research

By | Oct. 3, 2016

This kit consists of nine modules, each containing a PowerPoint presentation and a set of facilitator notes. The notes expand on the content of the slides and provide guidance in facilitating the module, which combines presentation and small-group work.

The topics of the modules are

  • The Structure of Journal Articles
  • Titles and Authors
  • Writing an Abstract
  • Citing References
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Methods Section
  • Writing the Results Section
  • Preparing Tables and Figures
  • Writing the Discussion Section

"Scientific and Technical Writing"

By | Sept. 30, 2016
"This course describes the different steps required to produce a scientific or technical project publication, from development to dissemination of the final document. It also explains principles for writing, structuring the text and creating illustrations, and provides guidance on distribution channels and promotion methods.

The course will help you:
  • Conduct and plan your publication project by identifying necessary activities and resources
  • Identify information sources, access the required information, and manage your reference list with appropriate software
  • Apply the basic rules of scientific and technical writing, organize and support your arguments, structure and illustrate your points
  • Choose the right journal in which to publish and follow the stages to submit an article to a journal
  • Write a technical extension document: technical data sheet, technical manual, posters
  • Disseminate and promote your scientific publication

Duration: 31 hours

Publication Date: June 2016"

Self-paced course from FAO. Collaborators included INASP. Adapted from a course in French.

"Rédiger et publier un document scientifique ou technique"

By | Sept. 30, 2016
"Ce cours vous aidera :
  • à élaborer et planifier un projet de publication en évaluant les activités et les moyens nécessaires
  • à identifier les sources d’information, à accéder à l’information recherchée, et à gérer sa bibliographie avec un logiciel adapté
  • à appliquer les règles de base de la rédaction scientifique et technique, et à organiser, argumenter, structurer et illustrer son propos
  • à choisir la revue dans laquelle publier et à respecter les étapes de soumission d’un article à une revue
  • à réaliser un document de vulgarisation technique : fiche technique, manuel technique, poster
  • à diffuser sa publication scientifique et à la promouvoir

Durée : 31 heures

Date de publication : Novembre 2013"

PKP School

By | Jan. 3, 2015

A set of online courses in scholarly publishing.

Week 1: 2012 Intensive Course in Research Writing

By | July 1, 2012
Main slides from first week of 3-week intensive course given at Texas A&M University in summer 2012. Major topics include deciding when and where to submit a paper, approaching a writing project, writing the methods section, writing the results section, preparing tables and figures, citing references, preparing and giving poster presentations and oral presentations, and writing the discussion section.

"A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper"

By | Sept. 24, 2011
A short article presenting advice on designing figures (such as diagrams and graphs). Authored by a scientist and 2 design specialists. Appeared in 2011 in the journal Advanced Materials. Much of the advice applies to figures not only in the sciences but also in other fields. Likewise, much of the advice also applies to figures in other forms of communication, such as presentations.


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