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An Early Posting, with Thanks

By Barbara Gastel | Nov. 21, 2008  | None

As you might notice, I’m posting this blog entry early. The reason is that I’m leaving tomorrow for Nicaragua, to give an AuthorAID workshop. I look forward to leading the workshop, meeting Latin American colleagues, and seeing Nicaragua for the first time. 

I’m grateful to the Nicaraguan colleagues who have been arranging the workshop and translating my slides into Spanish. After the workshop, I hope to post the English and Spanish versions of my presentations on the AuthorAID Web site. 

Because of the workshop, I’ll be away on the US holiday Thanksgiving. Usually on Thanksgiving, we make a big dinner and have guests. Our Thanksgiving guests have included people from many countries, such as Angola, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, and Taiwan. 

This year, my husband will have Thanksgiving dinner at the home of some friends. After returning to the United States, I hope to make a large dinner that includes traditional Thanksgiving dishes, such as turkey, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. 

On Thanksgiving, people give thanks for the good things in their lives. I have much to be thankful for: family and friends and colleagues, good health, interesting work, a comfortable house, chances to travel, and more. 

This year, the things I’m thankful for include AuthorAID. I greatly enjoy writing this blog, giving AuthorAID workshops, and doing other AuthorAID work. And through this work, I feel that I have friends throughout the world. 

Thanksgiving greetings to you all!


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