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A Message on a Snowy Day

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By Barbara Gastel | Dec. 21, 2008  | None

Greetings from Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States. Outside, snow is falling. The snow is beautiful, especially on the trees.

Why I am traveling during this season, when the weather often causes delays?

Classes have ended for the semester, and so I can travel more easily. The winter holidays are a traditional time to visit family. And my nieces in Massachusetts are dancing in productions of “The Nutcracker”.

I had planned to see these productions of the ballet. But because of the deep snow, the performances during my visit have been canceled.

Luckily, these productions are being given other times. Thus, I can see videos of my nieces dancing in them. And I still can spend time with family—the main purpose of my visit.

My nieces dance very well. (Even people who are not their relatives say so!) What might be the reasons for their success?

One reason is that they have a talent for dancing. But they also are in an environment that encourages and supports them. And they have worked hard to develop their skill. 

Writing about research is much the same. Almost every researcher has the talent to write well. A supportive environment and hard work can allow researchers to achieve their potential. 

Our goal at AuthorAID is to help provide a supportive environment for your writing. We hope that many of you contribute the hard work needed for success. 

If you are celebrating a holiday this week, may it be very happy. If you are somewhere with snow, may you enjoy its beauty. And may all of you have an excellent week.



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