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D. P. Dash: photo

D. P. Dash

Adjunct Professor - Management at Xavier Institute of Management | Bhubaneswar , India

Business, Education, Public Administration
Open to collaboration. Not currently looking for a mentor.
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Education, Business, Public Administration
Research Keywords:
Academic and professional practice; Research education and research practice; Social spaces for research and innovation; Management of uncertainty and ambiguity; Interdependence, coordination, and learning; Identity disruption and development; Inclusion, interaction, and support; Self-observation, self-direction, and self-coordination
Collaboration interests:
I am interested in collaborating with people who want to develop themselves as reflective professionals or researchers, irrespective of discipline and field.
Professor D. P. Dash is an Indian citizen who was raised mainly in Bhubaneswar, India. Prof Dash studied technology and management (BTech Honours, Indian Institute of Technology; PostGradDip, Xavier Institute of Management, India) and systems thinking and action research (PhD, Lincoln, UK). He has professional experience as an engineer and management consultant in private companies, academic teaching and research experience in India, the UK and Malaysia, and he is currently living in Kuching, Malaysia, working in an international branch campus setting. Dash’s work reflects a curiosity about how persons from different backgrounds could converse and connect with each other, what might impede or facilitate such conversation and the range of outcomes possible. He has pursued this theme in a variety of contexts, including sensitivity training, participatory planning and designing, professional development, community and organisational development, leadership, and research education. His key ideas are related to managing the boundary conditions for effective communication, coordination and innovations in practical contexts. Dash has been a key initiator of the Journal of Research Practice and a co-editor since its beginning.

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