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Temesgen Lerebo Dobbo

Minister for Ministry of Academic - Beijing Normal University International Student Union at Beijing Normal University | Beijing , China

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Open to collaboration.


Research Keywords:
TVET relevance, Labour Market, Match Skills
Collaboration interests:
At this moment I am doing research proposal for Ph.D.Dissertation in Beijing Normal University on Youth adaptive Education and skills for ... I wonder if it might be a mutually beneficial chance for your Orgn. to collaborate on this project.
I have BA Degree in Foreign Language and Literature from Hawass University, MA in Management of Vocational Education from Addis Ababa University, and currently, I am a Ph.D. student at Beijing Normal University in the Institute of International Studies and Comparative Education (Educational leadership and Policy). On the other hand, I have seven (7) years of practical experience in the development field, with specialist knowledge in designing development policies and program, organization and development, program/project management, preparation of sub-national strategic plans by extracting major social development bottlenecks and prioritizing them, making evidence-based planning and preparation of annual organization plans linked to public management, gender mainstreaming, peace-building & conflict transformation, civil service reform as well as immense political experience of multilateral and bilateral skill. Currently, I am working as a Academic state Minister for the International Student Union in Beijing Normal University and also active member of the Africa Youth Commission, World Youth Alliance, African Youth Movement, Global Youth Program, Young African Leaders Initiative, Global Partnership for Education, Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction, I'm a researcher and the Founder of TLD Training and Research Foundation, an Ethiopian based charity organization with the sole aim to help less-privileged Young people. More so, I enjoy taking on new challenges as this gives me an opportunity to grow, learn new things and enhance myself. I have impeccably sound communication and also a very flexible and adaptable approach to work which I believe are key skills needed to be able to first, ..etc
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