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The AuthorAID Discussion group is an online discussion and is intended as a friendly forum for researchers in developing countries to discuss and ask questions concerning research communication. Anybody can join and can post messages either via the Dgroups website or by replying to the mailing list email address.

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Posting your name and details

When posting to the AuthorAID discussion group please include your name and other useful information with each post. Please provide basic information such as:

  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. Institution/society/company
  4. Any other relevant information (ie current research focus, or your role with AuthorAID)”

You may find it easier to create an email signature with this information (Here is information on how to add a signature in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo).

AuthorAID Discussion list topics

We encourage discussion on all topics related to research communication: from the writing and publication of research, to communicating to practitioners, policy makers and the public, to the impact of research on development.

We would also encourage discussion around other factors that are related to research, such as methodology, access to resources, funding, and career opportunities (including opportunities for women researchers). We reserve the right to not approve posts that fall outside the scope of this discussion.

We generally discourage the following types of post:

  • Advertisements for commercial products or services
  • Unsolicited call for papers, unless they are a). of obvious interest to AuthorAID members and are from reputable journal publishers
  • Unsolicited notices of events or publications unless they are relevant to AuthorAID members.
  • Discussions concerning lab equipment
  • Posts that advertise pirated material.  

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Where can I get funding for research/travel/workshops?
  • How can I tell what is a ‘predatory journal’?
  • How can I find a suitable journal to publish in?
  • Where can I find a mentor or a collaborator?
  • How can I get free access to a research paper?
  • What are the rules on authorship?

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